Enroll NOW in Finch Weston Family Health Organization

Why Enroll?

  • By enrolling to become a patient of Dr. Basil Al-Saigh, you will also have access to the primary medical services of four other family physicians.  Collectively, we form the Finch Weston Family Health Organization.
  • Whenever Dr. Basil Al-Saigh is away, or on certain evenings when he is not working, enrolled patients of the clinic have access to same-day, as well as after-hours care, from one or more of the other family physicians in the organization who happen to be working on that day.  There is always a physician in the organization covering each day of the week, including evenings, weekends, and statuary holidays.  Please check our Announcement Board for further information, or call us at (416)-900-6697.  We update our answering machine DAILY at the beginning of the morning shift.
  • One of the more important benefits – of seeing physicians within the organization – is that all providers share your prior encounters, medication list, prior investigations, prior labs, and other medical information, which proves invaluable for continuity of care.
  • In addition to after-hours and weekend access for episodic care, enrolling in our clinic also affords you other value-added services, including medication reorders through the pharmacy (where appropriate) and access to our staff for general inquiries via email.
  • We recognize that often, when patients develop a need for medical care after hours or on weekends, many would prefer that their Primary Care Practitioner be involved, in real time.  We agree!  For this reason, and once our family physician and nurse practitioner become familiar with you and your family, we also offer phone consults after hours and on weekends, should medical emergencies arise.  The phone number for emergencies will be provided to you by our Office Manager.

Register Today!

Click here to pre-register yourself and your family.  You will then be called back by one of our medical office assistants, who will arrange a meet-and-greet session for you with Dr. Basil Al-Saigh.