About Us

We are a focused team of primary care practitioners, committed to excellence in patient care and the overall health of our community.  Our clinic offers a broad range of primary care services focused on primary care prevention and management, as well as walk-in and episodic care.

Our clinic is located within an accessible building at the SW corner of Finch Avenue and Weston Road.  We work from a space adjacent to that of three other family physicians.  Collectively and along with a fifth family physician – who practices from the same district – we are members of the Finch Weston Family Health Organization.

Other services are available within the building, within walking distance and/or within a few minutes drive from our clinic.  These include an imaging centre (same day x-ray and ultrasound service often accommodated), Gamma Dynacare Laboratories, Chiropractic Services, a Hearing Centre, two Pharmacies, Humber River Regional Hospital, and more than a dozen specialists.

Our centre is accessible from Highway 400, 401 and 407 in less than five minutes.  Please click here for directions.

Our patients find the services offered to be convenient, and the expertise top-notch.  Please contact us if you have any questions.