Guideline on Seeing other Doctors in the Organization

Dear Patient,

Our group offers you the convenience of seeing other physicians who are part of the group.  Our group includes 4 other physicians, whose names, phone numbers, and address are included in the FAQ form which you received during registration.  When one of our practitioners is not available and you are given the option to see others in the group, please note that we have a Nurse Practitioner who works with us, and so we recommend that you see the Nurse Practitioner before seeing any of the group’s family doctors, since they as well have their own patients to service.  Should language be a barrier and if our staff cannot translate for you, then you are welcome to see the family doctors of this group.  However, please consider the below:

  • If you are asked by our staff to see a family doctor in the group, please keep in mind that the doctors in the group will not be able to refer you to any other doctor – or to do any imaging – unless it is urgent.  Please note that if referrals or imaging are needed, then follow-up of the results will be your family doctor’s or nurse practitioner’s responsibility.  Please do not ask receptionists of other doctors for a referral.  Please also do not ask other doctors in the group for a referral.
  • The doctors in the group will only see you for urgent or walk-in concerns which cannot wait until your doctor is back or which your nurse practitioner decides to refer you for.
  • Please remember that other doctors in this group are busy and have their own patients to service.  This may result in delays before you are able to see them, compared to you seeing your own family physician or nurse practitioner.  Please also remain mindful that other physicians in our organization have different policies for triaging patients.  Please remain respectful at all times of their processes, their receptionists, and of the doctor you are seeing.

Thank you for understanding,